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Carmel Academy Higher Secondary School


Admission to the school is open to both boys and girls of all castes and creeds. Application for admission in the prescribed form obtainable in the school office is to be filled up and signed by the parent/guardian and submitted to the office on or before the date prescribed. Application forms are available on payment of Rs. 100/-. Normally students are admitted to lower K.G. Admissions however, will be made as per the availability of vacancy. Admission to the higher classes will be done only on the basis of an appropriate test and also as per the availability of vacancy.

Age for admission to lower K.G. is 4 years.

Nursery, L.P., U.P. and H.S.S. are considered as separate units and need separate admission or renewal of admission.

Promotion to a higher standard is based on the student’s performance in the tests and other examinations throughout the year. In addition to that the overall performance of the student also will be considered.

Transfer certificate will be issued only after clearing all the dues, if any, to the school.


A student must have put in a minimum of 85% of attendance for promotion to the higher class. Shortage of 15% can be condoned by the Principal on medical grounds. Shortage beyond this limit will not be condoned.

Any absence must be explained in the form of a leave note on the page provided for this purpose in the Diary and it must be signed by the parent and should be countersigned by the Principal.

Pupils who absent themselves from the school without permission for more than 15 consecutive working days will be removed from the rolls.

Pupils who are removed from the rolls will be re-admitted only after the clearance of dues and the remittance of re-admission fee.

Early going of pupils will be allowed only in unavoidable circumstances.


It is a matter of deep concern that parents allow children suffering from infections ailments to attend classes or examinations. Such conduct can result in an epidemic outbreak in the school.

At the first sign of any rash/fever, the child should be medically examined and sent to school only on the advice of a doctor. After recovery from an infectious ailment, a child should remain at home for the period of quarantine as advised by a doctor. On return to school, a medical fitness certificate, duly signed by a doctor, should be submitted to the office.

Quarantine period recommended for
a. Chicken pox - 3 weeks (till the complete falling of scabs)
b. Measles - 2 weeks
c. Mumps - 2 weeks
d. Conjunctivitis - 1 week
e. Jaundice - 4 weeks

If children come to school with infectious diseases, they will be sent back home.

A student must be medically fit to attend school for the whole day. Incase a child is ill, a medical certificate must be provided.

The parent/guardian should get permission from the Principal for the early going of his/her child. Any verbal or written request from persons other than parents/guardians, will not be entertained. Moreover, written requests from parents/guardians sent through messengers will not be considered.

Transfer Certificate will be issued only on the written request of the parents in the prescribed form. Parents should submit the application for T.C in the month of April

Progress report will be prepared immediately after the Ist and 2 nd terminal examinations. Parents can come and sign it on any working day as intimated by the class teacher.

Progress report will be provided termly through the E mail for the convenience of N.R.I. parents, on request.


Periodic meetings of parents with teachers are arranged by the Principal in order to ensure coordination in the process of the children's education. Parents are requested to make good use of this opportunity for building up mutual understanding between the parents and teachers with regard to the all-round progress of their children.

Regular absence of parents for Parents Teachers Meeting will be seriously viewed.

Parents are expected to pay attention to the instructions sent through the diary, SMS or special circular and come to school whenever required.


Parents/Students can henceforth remit the fees in the Catholic Syrian Bank near to our school.

A discount of 5% of the Annual fees would be given to the Parents/Students who pay the Annual fees in the month of June. (i.e. at the beginning of the Academic year 2018-2019)

If the Parents/Students fail to pay the fees within 10th of each month; Rs.10 will be charged as fine till the end of that particular month then a fine of Rs.20 will be charged.

Parents/Students can pay the fees online through the ‘Fees’ link in our school website www.carmelacademyschool.com

It is noted that all the dues must be cleared before Annual Examination, failing of which, the result will be withheld.


Bus fees will be collected in three times; firstly in the month of June, secondly in the month of October, lastly in the month of January.

The school fees are collected at the following rates
STD I to IV : Rs.1140/-per month
STD to V to VI : Rs.1240/- per month
STD to VIII : Rs.1370/- per month
STD to IX to X : Rs.1370/- per month
STD to IX to X : Rs.1260/- per month
STD to XI to XII : Rs. 1450/- per month
Special Fee : Rs. 1960/-Annual


First Bell : 9.20 A.M.
Second Bell : 9.25 A.M.
Prayer/Assembly : 9.30 A.M.
First Period : 9.40 A.M. - 10.25 A.M.
Second Period : 10.25 A.M. - 11.10 A.M.
Interval : 11.10 A.M. - 11.20 A.M.
Third Period : 11.20 A.M. - 12.05 P.M.
Fourth Period : 12.05 P.M. - 12.50 P.M.
Lunch Break : 12.50 P.M. - 01.30 P.M.
Fifth Period : 01.30 P.M. - 02.15 P.M.
Sixth Period : 02.15 P.M. - 03.00 P.M.
Interval : 03.00 P.M. - 03.10 P.M.
Seventh Period : 03.10 P.M. - 03.50 P.M.