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To encourage reading habits and to widen the knowledge of the Students Carmel Academy Higher Secondary School has two libraries,one for Senior section and the other for Junior section.Both the libraries are equipped with books, journals and magazines from all over the world which cover a wide spectrum of topics ranging from arts, humanities, science and technology. To fully automate the library the latest technology is utilized.
For the overall development of students, an entire section is devoted to multimedia rich educational and inspirational materials on CD-ROMs and videos.

Carmel Academy School library
Carmel Academy School Computer Lab


Carmel Academy Higher Secondary School had atie-up with NIIT and pays special attention to computer training and all the students from Class I onwards are taught computer skills in a practical and appealing way. Internet training forms a core component of learning IT skills. Additionally, the students are given the opportunity to master a variety of operating systems and application software which are widely used in the IT world today. A dedicated computer lab is available to all students.


Carmel Academy Higher Secondary School classrooms are equipped with new age digital education solutions by 'EXTRAMARKS' empowering students to step in with the latest technology and have anytime,anywhere access to quality study support.It aims to bring the best of global technology to provide an engaging child-centric teaching-learning environment in the classroom. Visit www.extramarks.com for more details.

Carmel Academy School Smart Classroom
Carmel Academy School Laboratories


The School has distinct and separate laboratories for practical sessions in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology in accordance with CBSE curriculum. The laboratories are spacious and offer modern and excellent equipment and our students are encouraged to use their analytical skills and creative skills through research to experimentation.


The school provides transportation facility to the students. Travelling by school bus is an occasion to cultivate good habits like patience, co-operation and concern for others. Parents have to register their children with the details of boarding and alighting points at the office in the prescribed form. Those students desiring to make use of bus facility have to register for the whole year - June to March (10 months) and pay the fees in advance on quarterly or annual basis and acquire the bus pass.

Carmel Academy School transportation